Sterile syringe, pre-filled with 0.9% Sodium Chloride, ready to use for the flushing of in-situ vascular access devices. 

Features include a luer lock cap and easy-glide piston for controlled application. The latex-free, hypoallergenic OptiFlush syringe also offers:

  • Ergonomic syringe design
  • Available in 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml formats
  • Sterilised interior and exterior, with easy-peel packaging for safe use in sterile areas
  • Clear, concise labelling

Ordering information

  • Pr NameOptiFlush 3ml syringeOptiFlush 5ml syringeOptiFlush 10ml syringeOptiFlush 20ml syringe
    Pr Code1136113711331134
    Inner PackBox of 36Box of 36Box of 36Box of 36
    Outer PackCase of 216Case of 216Case of 216Case of 144

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